About Us

Make it Happen!

Catalyst Promotions is dedicated to providing the help and guidance every client needs to accomplish what they are trying to achieve when showcasing their brand or message. We give clients the information and support they need to achieve success—regardless of their level within their organization or the type of organization they work for.

We can Help Surprise and Delight!

Branded items have a unique advantage over other methods of advertising. They have the ability to surprise and delight your customers, employees, or supporters. Everyone loves a gift. It can be an employee recognition or safety award or a gift for a loyal or new customer. Celebrating special moments can be enhanced with promotional items as well. Think about all the opportunities you have to celebrate each year: anniversaries, birthdays, perfect attendance, reunions, and weddings are just a few. Your boss might even be retiring and everyone in the office will be celebrating like there is no tomorrow.
Whatever your reason for checking us out, our marketing advisors know our product line inside and out, allowing them to best serve our clients’ needs. We provide individualized service at all points in the ordering process, and we strive to help you find and personalize the perfect products for your event or business. We want you to feel confident about your choices, have an easy experience with us, and be excited when your order arrives and you’re ready to accomplish your goal.